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Aplysia neuron after axotomy

Supplement movies for the Journal of Comparative Neurology- 2007

These files are in AVI format. 

Supplementary Movies 1 and 2. The formations of a minus-end vesicle trap after axotomy within the distal cut axonal end.  The movies illustrate the sequences depicted by Fig. 4 and show the merged images of EB3-GFP (green) and RH237 (red) in the distal segment before, during and after axotomy. Movie -1, before and during axotomy, Movie -2, 18 minutes post axotomy. The formed trap concentrates RH237 labeled vesicles. The movies are composed of 82 and 60 images correspondingly, taken at intervals of 7 seconds. The frames are shown at a rate of 10/s.  

Movie 1

Movie 2

Supplementary Movie 3. The MTs polymerize centrifugally from the minus end trap formed at the cut end of the distal axon. A merged image of EB3-GFP (green) and SR101 (red) in the distal segment 3 hours post axotomy. Whereas the MTs of the dGCOC polymerize laterally to form finger-like protrusions, only a negligible fraction of the trapped SR101-labeled vesicles translocate centrifugally. Instead, the labeled vesicles continue to accumulate within the dGCOC. The movie is composed of 15 images, taken at intervals of 18 seconds. The frames are shown at a rate of 10/s.  

Movie 3

 Supplementary Movies 4, 5 and 6. Inhibition of the retrograde vesicles transport doses not interfere with the formation of the minus end trap. The shown images were taken from a B neuron in which endocytotic  vesicles are labeled by SR101 and the plus-end tips of the MTs are labeled by EB3-GFP.

 Movie-4, Control, demonstrating the retrograde transport of SR101 labeled vesicles. Movie-5 was taken after a 3  hours incubation period in 2 mM EHNA. Note the dramatic reduction in the retrograde transport of SR 101 labeled vesicles. Movies 4 and 5 are composed of 20 images taken at intervals of 7 seconds. The frames are shown at a rate of 10/s. 

 Movie-6 was taken 22 minutes after axotomy. Although most of the SR101 labeled vesicles are stationary in the presence of EHNA, the MT based minus-end trap was formed. This movie is composed of 30 images taken at   interval of 7 second. The frames are shown at a rate of 10/s.  

Movie 4

Movie 5

Movie 6

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