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List of Spira's M.E. Publications

Ojovan SM., Rabieh N., Shmuel N., Erez H., Maydan E. and Spira ME. (2015) A feasibility study of multi-site, intracellular recording from mammalin neurons by extracellular gold mushroom-shaped microelectrodes. Sci. Rep. 5:14100. doi:10.1038/srep14100


Ojovan SM., McDonald M., Rabieh N., Shmuel N., Erez H. and Spira ME. (2014) Nanocrystaline diamond surfaces for adhesion and growth of primary neurons, conflicting results and rational explanation. Front. Neuroeng. 7:17. doi:10.3389/fneng.2014.00017


Erez H., Shemesh OA. and Spira ME. (2014) Rescue of tau-induced synaptic trasmission pathology by paclitaxel. Front Cell Neurosci. 8:34. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2014.00034

Malkinson G. and Spira ME. (2013). Release properties of individual presynaptic boutons expressed during homosynaptic depression and heterosynaptic facillitation of the Aplysia sensorimotor synapse. Front Cell Neurosci. 7:165. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2016.00165

Spira ME and Hai A. (2013) Multi-electrode array technologies for neuroscience and cardiology.
Nat Nanotechnol. 8(2): 83-94.


Fendyur A. and Spira ME. (2012) Towardon-chip, in-cell recordings from cultured cardiomyocytes by arrays of gold mushroom-shaped microelectrode. Frontiers in Neuroengineering. 5(21):1-10.



Hai A. and Spira ME. (2012) Aviad Hai and Micha E. Spira. Lab Chip, 2012, 12(16): 2865–2873.


F. Bradke, J. W. Fawcett and M. E. Spira. (2012) Assembly of a new growth cone after axotomy: the precursor to axon regeneration. Nat Rev Neurosci; 13(3):183-93.


Fendyur A.,  Mazurski N.,  Shappir J. and Spira ME. (2011) Formation of essential ultrastructural interface between cultured hippocampal cells and gold mushroom-shaped MEA- towards “IN-CELL” recordings from vertebrate neurons. Frontiers in Neuroengineering. 4:14. 



Khoutorsky A, Heyman A, Shoseyov O, Spira ME. (2011)  Formation of hydrophilic nanochannels in the membrane of living cells by the ringlike stable protein-SP1. Nano Lett. 11(7):2901-4


Shemesh OA, Spira ME. (2011) Rescue of neurons from undergoing hallmark tau-induced Alzheimer's disease cell pathologies by the antimitotic drug paclitaxel. Neurobiol Dis. 43(1):163-75.


Malkinson G, Spira ME. (2010) Clustering of excess growth resources within leading growth cones underlies the recurrent "deposition" of varicosities along developing neurites. Exp Neurol. 225(1):140-53.


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Malkinson G, Spira ME (2010) Imaging and analysis of evoked excitatory-postsynaptic-calcium-transients by individual presynaptic-boutons of cultured Aplysia sensorimotor synapse. Cell Calcium. 47(4):315-25.

Hai A, Shappir J, Spira ME. (2010) In-cell recordings by extracellular microelectrodes Nature Methods, 7(3):200-202.

Shemesh OA, Spira ME. (2010)
Paclitaxel induces axonal microtubules polar reconfiguration and impaired organelle transport: implications for the pathogenesis of paclitaxel-induced polyneuropathy. Acta Neuropathol. 119(2):235-48.  

Hai A, Kamber D, Malkinson G, Erez H, Mazurski N, Shappir J, Spira ME. (2009)
Changing gears from chemical adhesion of cells to flat substrata toward engulfment of micro-protrusions by active mechanisms. J Neural Eng. 6(6):066009.  

Hai A, Dormann A, Shappir J, Yitzchaik S, Bartic C, Borghs G, Langedijk JP, Spira ME. (2009) Spine-shaped gold protrusions improve the adherence and electrical coupling of neurons with the surface of micro-electronic devices. J R Soc Interface. 6(41):1153-65.  


Kamber D, Erez H, Spira ME. (2009) Local calcium-dependent mechanisms determine whether a cut axonal end assembles a retarded endbulb or competent growth cone. Exp Neurol. 219(1):112-25.  


Goykhman I, Korbakov N, Bartic C, Borghs G, Spira ME, Shappir J, Yitzchaik S. (2009)  Direct detection of molecular biorecognition by dipole sensing mechanism.J Am Chem Soc. 131(13): 4788-94.


Khoutorsky A, Spira ME. (2009) Activity-dependent calpain activation plays a critical role in synaptic facilitation and post-tetanic potentiation. Learn Mem. 16(2):129-41.  

Braeken D, Rand DR, Andrei A, Huys R, Spira ME, Yitzchaik S, Shappir J, Borghs G, Callewaert G, Bartic C.
(2009) Glutamate sensing with enzyme-modified floating-gate field effect transistors. Biosens Bioelectron. 24(8):2384-9.


Prager-Khoutorsky M, Spira ME. (2009) Neurite retraction and regrowth regulated by membrane retrieval, membrane supply, and actin dynamics. Brain Res. 1251:65-79.  

Khoutorsky A, Spira ME. (2008)
Calpain inhibitors alter the excitable membrane properties of cultured aplysia neurons. J Neurophysiol. 100(5):2784-93. 

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Erez H, Spira ME (2008). Local self-assembly mechanisms underlie the differential transofrmation of the proximal and distal cut axonal ends into functional and aberrant growth cones. J Comp Neurol. 507(2).

Shemesh OA, Erez H, Ginzburg I, Spira ME. (2008). Tau-induced traffic jams reflect organelles accumulation at points of microtubule polar mismatching. Traffic 9(4):458-71.

Erez H, Malkinson G, Prager-Khoutorsky M, De Zeeuw CI, Hoogenraad CC, Spira ME. (2007). Formation of microtubule-based traps controls the sorting and concentration of vesicles to restricted sites of regenerating neurons after axotomy. J Cell Biol. 176(4):497-507.

Cohen A, Shappir J, Yitzchaik S, Spira ME. (2006). Experimental and theoretical analysis of neuron-transistor hybrid electrical coupling: the relationships between the electro-anatomy of cultured Aplysia neurons and the recorded field potentials. Biosens Bioelectron. 22(5):656-63.

Hai A, Ben-Haim D, Korbakov N, Cohen A, Shappir J, Oren R, Spira ME, Yitzchaik S. (2006). Acetylcholinesterase-ISFET based system for the detection of acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Biosens Bioelectron. 22(5):605-12.

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Malkinson G, Spira ME. (2006). Calcium concentration threshold and translocation kinetics of EGFP-DOC2B expressed in cultured Aplysia neurons. Cell Calcium. 39(1):85-93.  

Sahly I, Khoutorsky A, Erez H, Prager-Khoutorsky M, Spira ME. (2006). On-line confocal imaging of the events leading to structural dedifferentiation of an axonal segment into a growth cone after axotomy. J Comp Neurol. 494(5):705-20.   

Khoutorsky A, Spira ME. (2005). Calcium-activated proteases are critical for refilling depleted vesicle stores in cultured sensory-motor synapses of Aplysia. Learn Mem. 12(4):414-22.  

Oren R, Sfez R, Korbakov N, Shabtai K, Cohen A, Erez H, Dormann A, Cohen H, Shappir J, Spira ME, Yitzchaik S. (2004). Electrically conductive 2D-PAN-containing surfaces as a culturing substrate for neurons. J Biomater Sci Polym Ed. 15(11):1355-74.  

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Gitler D, Spira ME. (2002). Short window of opportunity for calpain induced growth cone formation after axotomy of Aplysia neurons. J Neurobiol. 52(4):267-79.  

Spira ME, Oren R, Dormann A, Ilouz N, Lev S. (2001). Calcium, protease activation, and cytoskeleton remodeling underlie growth cone formation and neuronal regeneration. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 21(6):591-604.  

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